Land Purchase


We have an unrivalled reputation in the local area for not only building quality homes, but also dealing fairly with Landowners. Should you be thinking of selling your house, garden or business premises for development please contact us directly. We have worked with a multitude of Landowners to achieve the best outcome and value for their property. We believe honesty and integrity are core to our dealings, and above all we can be trusted to fulfil our side of the deal.


Over the years we have bought many sites under many different types of contract.  We can tailor the purchase agreement to suit your specific needs.  Be it delayed completion, fixed price + overage, subject to planning or straight purchase subject to contract. We generally have funds set aside for strategic purchases and can be relied upon to fulfil our side of the agreement.


We have bought sites on many occasions where a landowner has sought his own permission, sometimes at great expense.  However upon purchase we have needed to totally alter the scheme to achieve a better value and more suitable design for us the builder.  It can save a great deal of time, effort and money to come to the developer first of all, as we are the experts at maximising the value of a site.


For private confidential advice contact Robert Waterhouse, e-mail